Clarification Document on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data related to the E-Bulletin process

As Le Ciel Hotels Culture Sports Tourism Business and Management Services San. And Tic. A.S. ("Le Ciel Hotel"), we have taken the highest level of security measures in the processing and protection of related data in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("Law"), which is of great importance to the protection and processing of personal data. The Clarification Document ("Clarification Document") on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data created by us because of the operation of the website ("Platform") as data manager at Le Ciel Hotel; the data processing intent, data categories, data collection method and legal reason include our statements and statements of who and what purpose it may be transferred to, what data processing time and what your data are entitled to.

What Data is Processed by the Le Ciel Hotel?

Le Ciel Hotel has the right to process general and special without the consent of the data owner according to articles 5 and 6 of the related Law.

In this context, "personal data" of the following types can be processed by Le Ciel Hotel within the site, in accordance with the terms and conditions presented in the Clarification Document content:

Contact data such as email address and phone number.

What are the Purposes of Processing Personal Data by the Le Ciel Hotel?

Le Ciel Hotel processes personal data for similar purposes, not limited to:

  • Record name, last name, address, and other information for communication,
  • Execution of goods/services sales processes,
  • Execution of customer satisfaction processes.

What precautions have been taken regarding the protection of personal data and how will the Data be stored?

Le Ciel Hotel is committed to ensuring that, under the terms set forth in the law and in this lighting text, personal data is not handled illegally, personal data is not accessed illegally, and to take all necessary technical and administrative measures to prevent data leaks, and to ensure that all checks to be carried out are carried out in a timely and complete manner.

Your personal data will be stored and processed for the duration of the processing purpose, if not used for the purposes and scope reported to you, and all necessary information security measures will be taken and if not foreseen during or during the legal storage period. When this time expires, your personal data will be removed from Le Ciel Hotel's data streams by means of erasure, destruction or anonymization.

Which Parties Are Personal Data transferred to?

The personal data processed by Le Ciel Hotel limited to purposes expressed in this Clarification Document and in accordance with article 5 and 6 of the Law can be transferred to

Your personal data will not be transferred abroad in any way by Le Ciel Hotel, and your express consent to transfer will be provided separately if necessary in relation to domestic transfer processes.

  • The Turkish Telecommunications Anonymous Company and Turkish Telecommunications group companies,
  • We have authorized the companies and representatives that are operating in the Company's name and account,
  • Public institutions or organizations that are expressly authorized to request personal data to regulatory and supervisory institutions and laws,
  • As part of the stated objectives, partners, suppliers and contractors, banks, credit risk and financial institutions, and the poet shall be able to make real or legal statements,
  • Third parties, including tax and similar consultants, statutory follow-up processes, public institutions and organizations, and supervisors, and partners, third parties to be serviced, authorized persons and organizations for the purposes stated above.

How long Is Personal Data Stored?

The Le Ciel Hotel stores the personal data in mind of the time required by the processing purposes specified in this Clarification Document and the statutory statute of limitations contained in other laws In the event of the expiration of the periods, such data is deleted or destroyed in accordance with the Law.

What Are Your Rights as a Data Owner?

You can always contact Le Ciel Hotel for information on the following items under the law;

  • To find out if your personal data has been processed,
  • To know the purpose and purpose of the process,
  • To know who the individuals in which personal data is transferred are,
  • Request a correction in the event of incomplete or incorrect processing and request that personal data be deleted if the conditions have been met and that the transaction in this context be notified to third parties where personal data has been transferred,
  • To object to the appearance of a consequence against him by analyzing the data processed exclusively through automated systems,
  • To claim damages in the event of damage due to illegal activity,
  • Request that personal data be erased or destroyed if the reasons for processing are eliminated, even though personal data is processed in accordance with the law.

You can submit your applications for such rights through the Data Owner Application Form via notary or by other methods set out by the Personal Data Protection Board, or you can send them to [email protected] with a secure electronic signature.

Your request will be returned as soon as possible and in accordance with the law within thirty (30) days at the latest. However, if the transaction also requires a cost, the Le Ciel Hotel is entitled to charge in accordance with the Law on the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

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