4 Reasons To Have A Holiday In Çeşme

11February 2022

  • Tugçe Bozkurtol

The summer is here after a long and tiring winter. If you don’t have holiday plans for summer, we will recommend an amazing place for you. Çeşme is one of the best holiday destinations in Turkey with its nature and sea. You can spend a better holiday than you imagine in this special destination on the Aegean coast with dazzling beauties as well as Çeşme boutique hotels, delicious restaurants and warm people.

Why Should I Have Holiday in Çeşme?

1 . You Can Have Fun and Peace At The Same Time

Although Çeşme which is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Turkey welcomes a lot of visitors, especially during summer, it is one of the most peaceful destinations around the world with its calmness when there are only a few people. But if you want to go to Çeşme during summer and both have fun and spend calm time away from people, you can enjoy the sea near the bays in Çeşme. You can choose a popular restaurant or cafe in the centre or spend a peaceful time in boutique cafes on the historical streets.

2 . Easy Access

Çeşme has easy transportation options and the destination is neighbours with Urla on the east and Karaburun on the north. Çeşme is 86 km away from İzmir city centre and you can use İzmir-Aydın Highway with your private car or take public transportation to reach the destination in less than 1 hour from Aydın Menderes Airport.

3 . Good Architecture

Çeşme is a holiday destination with both entertainment and cultural options and guests will feel at home. When you walk around Çeşme streets, you can see antique shops, historical houses and colourful stores. When you stop by this unique holiday destination with its well-preserved historical architecture, you should visit the historic stone houses surrounding the narrow cobblestone streets, authentic bazaars and Saturday bazaar where you can find all types of herbs.

4 .  Rich Historical Texture

Çeşme is more than just a destination to swim and have fun. You can also enjoy various historical artefacts. Çeşme Castle with the statute depicting Chief Admiral Hasan Pasha, Erythrai Ancient City 26 km away from the centre and Germiyan Village that gastronomy lovers should stop by are among the key destinations.


If you want to spend your holiday in Çeşme regardless of the season, we will welcome you to Le Ciel Hotel & Wellness Club to enable you to enjoy the dazzling atmosphere of this region. You can visit our website to learn more about our Çeşme apart hotel options.

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